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I went to get a pedicure before my trip to Italy and the woman who did my nails refused to paint them. That's right people...refused! (I had won a free gift certificate so I went to this place because of that)

Her rant included the following:
"Your nails are really damaged for your age"
"I really suggest eating vegetables"
"Do you know how many cancer causing chemicals nail polish has?"
"WOW they are so brittle. Do you not drink milk either?"
"I can put tea tree oil on them...but not polish"
"If you dont want to listen to me I can get another one of our Estheticians that use all the OPI crap"

I understand her wanting to inform me of the current state of my nails...maybe give me a few tips on how to improve them...but to refuse to do the color and assume I dont have a proper diet. I eat a fair amount of vegetables thank you very much bitch!

Anyways, I was so irritated that I just wanted to get out of there. I did go easy on teh nailpolish usage for a bit and did buy tea tree oil ( not from there obviously) but I thought I would dedicate this picture to the lovely girl who told me to never wear nailpolish again!

First Miley and Max team up for Hard Candy? Do we have a new Target on our hands?
Probably Not..but for a girl who lives in a city with no Target (i know--life is hard)...I'll take it!
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Rumor mill and date night look really nice.

It will be available in September!


la petite fashionista said...

wow, what a rude aesthetician!! I ABSOLUTELY love the blue nail polish your sporting!

lisahannam said...

which place refused??


How rude! I hate that shit. I've had a similar issue with a hridresser giving me a lecture about attempting to dye my own hair...

natalie said...

That woman sounds ridiculous! She was probably just having a fit because she was annoyed that you were getting it for free or something, haha. But that color is really superly duperly gorgeous :D

Kathy said...

I love that blue nail polish!Btw now I want a grey one.

susie miller said...

That blue is amazing

cant believe she point blank refused!

Katya said...

Pretty colours!

yiqin; said...

OMG that color is PERFECT.

cody said...

lovely color.
xx cody

Carina said...

Ha ha ha...that happens to me all the time, with hairdressers and my hair..."Blah blah blah, your hair is dry, blah blah blah, your scalp"

I know that, don't I? The hair is on my head, is it not?

O well, that blue is delish. You should try the navy blueHard Candy when it comes out


Hermo said...

i love painting my nails with strange and light colours!

fantastic blue! X

harlequins party said...

rad nail colour!!

Patty Ann said...

wowwww what an experience at the nail salon, who would have thought!!

LAYNE said...

i love love love this color.

ahhhh Hard candy bring me way back. I was so obsessed when i was younger. what happened to them?!


Tink in My Closet said...

Hot colour.. a little too hot:)

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Gorgeous nail colour - The packaging is so ccute! xx