i saw sparks.

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Top: From Winner's Shorts: Topshop Necklaces: Speech (silver one), shorter one from Italy Scarf: Mom got it from Italy last year
Shoes: Steve Madden customized by me
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I.am.not.wearing.nailpolish. Miracles do happen. Although it is really not a miracle at all...rather an order from the last person who did my nails. More on it later.

I remember the first time I saw sequins and beads on clothes. It was a hat that Stephanie Tanner wore for one of her dance numbers (does anyone remember this or am i the only one who knows Full House off by heart). It was black...she wore it to the side (was not jealous of that thankfully) and I fell in love.

My feelings for sequins have not died since so when I saw this top at Winner's I couldn't resist. It has just the perfect amount of shine....and I love how it's just on the back.

Also...the scarf. Probably one of my favourite. I find myself wearing it with everything. Sadly, it is starting to get "bally" from being worn so much. Uhh hate that.

Didn't do much this weekend. Relaxed, had some wine, watched Obsessed (OMG don't mess with Beyonce she will kick your ass!). My lazy weekend went perfect with the never ending downpour of rain.
Hoping for sunshine tomorrow though! xoxo


Shin said...

The sequins in the back looks so amazing! I love your outfit! Everything from the scarf to your shorts and shoes balance perfectly! xxoxoxoxo

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

beautiful, I really love that top!