tacky wacky bad taste party

I'm sure we could made it ten times worse than these outfits (uhh go mac go?) since I love dressing up but we found out last minute about the party so here we are.......me and thuy as cringe disasters.
This is after the party. Gotta love drunken photoshoots, especially when you venture to the rooftop of your appt. Mom before you say Are you Stupid- I spoke to you this week therefore I am alive. Going on the roof when drunk is perfectly common and safe here.

OPI, MAC & Loreal..oh my!

Allure magazine is on the 10th floor of Conde Nast and every year they have a "beauty-sale", where they clean out their beauty closet and sell all the products for........................$2.
Piles and piles of products were in boxes in their meeting room (which btw had the britney cover hanging in the room-comeback what what!) and it should have had a sign that read enter at your own risk. 50 girls clawing for the best find definately requires hard work and can get dangerous but it was all worth it.
I got mac lipglosses for two beeping dollars...same with OPI's and my favourite find was John Frieda Blonde Shampoo which I always hate spending my own money on so I grabbed the four that I found. Sales are great but secret sales are even better.