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Speech's newest collection "APOCALYPSE AND THE MOON" coming out in April.

Get excited.

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opi black shatter,marisa mercanti
opi black shatter,marisa mercanti
OPI BLACK SHATTER with Opi x sephora Ocean Potion


I am pretty sure that every time I paint my nails from this point on, I will have the urge to paint black shatter over them.

When I first tried out the Minx nails from Sephora, I had a fun time telling people I did them myself. I think I will do the same with this for a bit. When I fess up and tell people the truth..I will let them know that all you do is paint a coat of black shatter over the colour on your nails and it does the trick. The black shatter begins to separate itself and crackles up allowing the base colour to shine through and makes your nails look like you have one hell of a pattern on them. I don't think any of my nails look exactly the same though. I would recommend a clear top coat though just to firm it out a bit.

I can't wait to test it on a few other colours with it