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Sooo...I kind of hate myself for letting my blog go and abandoning it entirely. I have been living in LA for almost two years now and have had some of the best experiences in my life. I wish I could have documented all of my special moments so that I could look back at them and have been able to re-live them...even for a second. I guess life can get busy and blogging takes time but I am going to recommit myself to doing it again even if my posts are few and far between. Sometimes you just need to a good kick in the butt from a friend to get you motivated ( thanks Christina!).

I feel like 2013 is going to be a good year. I have a few exciting things coming up and I want to document it ALLLLLLLLLL. I'm getting older and this brain can barely remember what I wore yesterday, let alone what I did a year ago. XOXO