i change shapes just to head in this place

Dress: French Connection Shoes: Christian Louboutin Necklace: Mom's Rings: Mom's & Tiffany's

I was never into online shopping....until recently that is. Now I can't stop.
The daily emails from sites like haute look and gilt groupe make it really difficult to NOT open...to NOT click purchase...to NOT have willpower. Oy.
Some of the deals are insanely fantastic and this french connection dress was one of them ( the shipping did kill the deal a bit tho). I recommend everyone checking the sites out if you haven't already!

Went out to see Craig Kielburger speak last night and it was a very touching night. I mean.. a few glasses of wine may have made me tear up more normally than usual as well but nonetheless, Craig is a very inspiring young guy.

He really touched on the fact that even though we are only one person we CAN make a difference in the world. My favourite line was to do "small things with great love". It's so true.

Lovely night.

black & white

Dress: Arden B Jacket: Danier Shoes: Aldo Clutch: DSW

This is one of my favourite dresses...for many reasons.
1. it is no surprise i love mini dresses
2. black and white always is cool in my books
3. sequins
4. it always comes with me on trips as that 'can always count on you' dress
5. i got it on sale-75% off kind of sale a few years ago

Also-have been in the process of spring cleaning the last few weeks and decided to start selling some of my stuff!


taste of paradise

my brother's new collection...launching April 9th.

a little sneak peak. get lost in.."a paradise lost"

check out a behind the scenes video of his new shoot here

little leprechauns

Happy St. patrick's day!

Irish I didn't have to work.

Nicole by OPI-Faux Fur

desert sins

vegas adventures included:
eating way too many sliders, going into a dive casino, being eye harassed at dive casino, linking arms in fear at dive casino, unwashed makeup, 57th floor views, cheap margaritas, shopping while tipsy, acting professional and attending seminars during morning hours, hotel bathrobes, movie premieres, long walkathons in heels, vegas sunlight, connecting in blackjack, withdrawl from blackjack, making smiley facial expressions with our blackjack chips, catnaps, strong coffees, playing with our automatic drapes, being inspired....

it felt good to be out of the rain

Shoes: Aldo Purse: Faux Louis Vuitton *sorry jo* Jacket: Danier Shirt: Elizabeth & James Skirt: Forever 21

Got home from vegas late, late last night.....and woke up feeling like i just got slipped a sleeping pill and got hit over the head with a sledge hammer. is there any other way to feel when you just returned from vegas?
although my trip was 'business' related..i still indulged in numerous vices and was on the go ( and on my feet) for the entire 4 days.
the pictures above are from a dinner out. we headed to the mandarian oriental for some asian food (MOzen bistro to be exact) and i would recommend the restaurant to any visiting foodie out there. the constant noise of slot bells combined with the large tourist bus groups made me appreciate the silence and ambiguity of both this hotel and restaurant. it was quiet, it was sleek and sexy and there wasn't many flashing lights.

i had a zen moment with the food and hotel.... but did a 360 once the cheque arrived. I began twitching for the blackjack tables.
Thats the thing about vegas...it sucks you in. Even when you think your out...it still has you.


These, my friends, are my travel necessities.

On Sunday I am taking off to Las Vegas and I decided to pack tonight.

1. I love all these products but my favourite/will never leave home without is Moroccan Oil. If you haven't tried it...you must. It's like crack for your hair. I also like packing all these things in my purse incase I want to freshen up at the airport. Everybody could use some bronzer at 8am. Flower case from MJ perfume could be left at home..but it's too pretty to not be placed in a hotel bathroom.
2. Since I don't normally wear earrings, I make up for it by bringing most of my ring collection.
3. Lastly, I pack enough nail polishes to open a small salon. Probably the most irrational thing of all three habits...but what if my colour chips, what if I want to wear a dark purple colour....these are the things I think...and I like being prepared...and I am addicted to nailpolish. Period.
Colour in picture-OPI-Lucky, Lucky Lavender

Hope to blog from Vegas
.........if I can tear myself away from the blackjack tables.

lace & whiskey

image via knightcat

i would like this in my closet.