Name: Sonia Gallo
Instagram: @Son_Bon
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser Diesel Canada

Sonia and I both grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, both lived in New York and both have an obsession with wearing flowers in our hair...even in the dead of winter. Clearly we were destined to be good friends. Whenever I want to talk about a DIY project, an Olsen twin or a red carpet event, I talk to Sonia.

Sonia attended the University of Windsor but shortly after graduating darted off to New York to attend Parson's school of Design where she studied Marketing. She fell in love with New York (duh!) and ended up getting a full time gig with stylist Mel Ottenburg after working her butt off at various internships.

She has been back in Toronto for a few years now and is currently working for Diesel Canada where she handles the visual merchandising. Just returning from a work trip in Italy (can you say jealous?), I flagged her down for some questions.

What was your first internship after you graduated from Parsons?
My first internship was at Antonio Azzuolo in New York City! I helped with his menswear presentation during fashion week. As an intern, I still got to be involved in everything from casting, to dressing models (perk!), keeping everyone organized and making sure the models were dressed and went out on time. Antonio is an amazingly talented designer- he was just a fashion fund finalist at the CFDA awards.

Describe your role at Diesel.
I am a visual merchandiser for all our corner business, so I travel to all our locations around Ontario (and sometimes out west) to merchandise the shops, put out the new clothes, make sure the shop is up to visual standards, always following the HQ guidelines. I also merchandise our showroom for each selling season, train specialists in our corner shops and take part in the buying team for some of our corner shops. I am really lucky because I get to be involved in a lot and I am constantly learning.

Favourite Cocktail?
Tequila, club soda and a splash of Grapefruit.

Currently reading?
After visiting the incredible Dover Street market last month in London, England, I started reading the kawakubo book. I have also been obsessed with any books about Hedi Slimane which are mostly picture books with his photographs (all of his Anthology of a Decade books)

You used to work for stylist Mel Ottenberg. What was the craziest project you ever worked on with him
Mel is an amazingly talented stylist ( he is actually Rihanna's current stylist, working with the impressive designer Adam Selman to create her looks). I have to say the craziest project we did, although I could name a few, would be working on Kanye West's Power video. We worked with artist Marco Brambillo who filmed the video (he has also created the video inside the standard hotel's New York elevator) and of course Kanye West. Preparing for the project for weeks before and then watching it all come together on the day of the shoot was really cool, obviously a lot of work but if you watch the video it's pretty crazy, there is a lot going on and each different person within it was filmed separately then the entire thing was put together. Seeing the final video was pretty surreal after everything. '

Vice you will never give up?
Does shopping count?

What is the average  day in the life of Sonia?
An average day for me consists of visiting a shop, which includes going to the location, looking over the shop, making it is up to standards, going through the sales goals with the specialist and finding out what has been selling, merchandising all the new collection in the proper colour stories for the season, changing any mannequins and once everything looks perfect, taking pictures to send to the rest of the Diesel team. And after all that is done I like meeting up with my friends, preferably on a patio! I love trying new places and always check out for new drink and restaurants recommendations.

Best piece of advice you were ever given about working in the fashion industry?
INTERNSHIPS! Do lots of them

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, I see myself continuing on my path in the fashion industry towards success. Continuing to grow and learn and develop new skills as well as mastering my current ones. The best thing about this industry is that there is no much to learn and so many different can NEVER get bored.

Dream vacation?
Ibiza to dance from day to night and then the Greek Islands to relax

Favourite store in Toronto to shop? Window browse?
The Diesel store and The Room in The Hudson's Bay Queen St- nothing better than seeing the clothes you saw come down the runway in real life.
Favourite fashion website?, opening ceremony blog, Vfiles, The Coveteur and any and all street style blogs

Eye of the Tiger

Skort: Zara, Top: H&M, Shoes: Walmart, Necklace: Forever 21

Here I am wearing a skort that nobody has seen before! Haha kidding. 

This skort has got to be the item of the summer. I was wearing the white one so often that I figured I might as well purchase it in black. I hope they don't bring it out in any other shades as I really can't afford it right now but I know I will have to buy if they do!

Also in love with these shoes that I got from friggen Walmart of all places! Not only did I get them from Walmart...I got them on sale....for $8.00!!! What started out as a trip to pick up a DVD set, turned into a random, great find. 


Hearty Breakfast

One of the things I miss most about LA is the overwhelming amount of smoothie and juice bars on every corner. While Toronto is definitely stepping up it's game, there are no acai bowls within walking distance to me. Due to this I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own and I have to say, I am pretty happy. It is the perfect breakfast for a weekend and soo filling!

What you will need to make ONE acai bowl:
☻ 2 Frozen Sambazon Acai Packs 
( I prefer the ones WITHOUT Guarana but they only had this kind at the moment). You can purchase from Whole foods, Goodness Me or The Big Carrot
☻ 1/2 Banana (Half for the mix and the other half for Garnish
A heavy spoonful of Almond Butter
A tablespoons of Bee Pollen
2 tablespoons of Raw Cacao Bits
Handful of Ice
2 tablespoons of shaved unsweetened coconut flakes
1/4 cup of Almond Milk

Shaved Almonds 
Raw Honey 
Handful of Carob Chips
☻1/2 a Banana

Blend all the ingredients into a Magic Bullet or Blender (minus the honey, carob chips, almonds and left over banana)  and blend until all ingredients are mixed well. Garnish with Banana slices, Honey, Shaved Almonds & Carob Chips

**I also sometimes put this creation into a smoothie cup and drink it with a straw during the week ( and when I do this, I ditch all of the garnishes obviously)

Summer Wedding

Soooo I borrowed this entire outfit (minus the shoes) from a friend and am so happy I did. Things really work out for the best when some of your friends are the same size as you. Although I do have a ton of dresses, there is something about putting on a fresh look that you have never worn before. I am also very guilty of not wanting to repeat outfits that have been uploaded online.  Between Instagram photos, Facebook tags and a blog-it's like the outfit is already "old" even if you just wear it once. I HATE myself for feeling this way.

Throwback Thursday: Desert Tripping

The debate on Aliens is still up in the air but if you come to Joshua Tree you will not only believe in extraterrestrial activity but you will also feel like you are visiting another planet. It is insane in the best way possible.

I have been there twice now and can't wait to go back when I visit California again. Although many people retreat here to escape the city and get inspired, there is surprisingly a lot to do. From all the art installations in the middle of nowhere to some great sweat inducing hike routes in the National Park, you can definitely fill up your days. My FAVOURITE, favourite thing though is hanging out at the Integratron which is a large dome in Bakersfield (20 minutes from the town of Joshua Tree).

The Integratron is located on an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that is believed to amplify the energy required for rejuvention and healing.  They offer daily "sound baths" or "brain baths" which are basically the best thing ever. If you allow it, it can bring you to a state between consciousness and sleep. You lay on comfy mats and blankets surrounded by healing rocks and  listen to crystal singing bowls that somebody begins to play. Each noise triggers a different chakra in your body.  Kooky or not- I left both times feeling like I had slept for a week straight at a spa.



Dress: Calvin Klein

Just a quick outfit post from this past weekend! Went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday and wore this little beige dress to the church. I got it for $50 at a TJ Maxx in LA and it's come in handy way too many times