About Me

         My name is Marisa and I started C’est Girl So Chic in 2009 as a way to document my outfits, travels,                                                      random thoughts, inspiration and favourite things.

I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada but just recently moved to Toronto ( I do however always live in day dreams)
I lived in Los Angeles for 2 years where I worked with event planner Sharon Sacks.
I'm a firm believer in dessert for breakfast.
 I am the epitome of a Sagittarius.
I lived in New York for 8 months where I took a summer program in Design Management at Parson's and interned at Teen Vogue and BCBG Public Relations afterwards.
 (and no, I cannot pick if I like LA or NYC more! )
I completely suffer from wanderlust and am almost always down for an adventure or trip if I can somehow swing it.  Places I am dying to still see? Turkey, Morrocco, Africa, Jordan, Tokyo, Hawaii, Nepal & India to name a few!
 I am fully obsessed with snail mail, wine, sarcasm, bathrobes, cupcakes, baths, candles, hammocks, being bare feet, steam rooms, and yoga.
I recently got my yoga certification while living in LA and now teach once a week at a woman’s shelter which has been such a rewarding experience.
I am Italian ........but cannot cook (riddle me that!)
My style is always changing. Thankfully,it changed from my phase of wearing matching head to toe Northern Getaway jogging suits.
I am in a committed relationship...............with pizza.
I work full time as an event planner and love it! It kind of combines everything for me- being a foodie, loving design, and being Type A.
I am aspiring to one day live on winery in Tuscany.
I always see the glass half full.  


Want to connect with me? marisa.mercanti@gmail.com