Doing your nails on a train is normal.

Jean Jacket: Abercromie Vest: Go International Target Skirt: Wilfred Scarf: Winner's

I was always interested in fashion but I became serious about it when I ran a charity fashion show for the first time with my best friend.

When I got invited to attend a charity fashion during LGFW it was only fitting that I invited the one friend who knew how crazy it was to run an actual fashion show.

Jenna and I battled out the torrential downpour of rain (my hair did not battle it out so well) and we made it to the tents to support Dare to Wear Love.

The ambiance of the whole night was delightful and you could literally feel the love in the room. Jessi Cruickshank's outfit designed by Brose was my absolute favourite. I love long sleeve shirts with teeny tiny minis.
Although everyone was enlightened by the cause.....some of the love,at least from my end, was because my SAM EDELMAN'S ARRIVED.
Zoe Boots under my roof + supporting a good cause= Successful Night.

*Note: The box on the train was not mine but a friend's pair I was delivering. Shots coming soon!

everybody's free to feel good

Blazer: Wilfred-Aritzia Shoes: Aldo T-shirt: Topshop Necklace: Forever 21 Leggings: La Senza, sequins and studs were a DIY by me. Purse: Kenneth Cole Picture 10,14 via cobrasnake.

Picture 4- My friend Kat. Her fur vest paired with a killer studded belt (which the picture does a horrible job of showing) was something I will need to steal from her in the future.
Picture 6-7- Katrina Tuttle Show-Katrina Tuttle debuted her Spring line at the tents this year. She played with teals, blush pinks and yellows and yes, you are seeing correctly-she channeled the wang braid. I enjoyed the button detailing on a few of the pieces and the girly dresses made me feel like going for tea. She did play it safe that's forsure but for being only 21, she did a hella good job.
Picture 8- Attitude by Sears. For all the Canadians out there, seriously mark your calenders to go into Sears this Spring. Black and White themed ensembles made up of basic tees and tanks had me drooling and thinking "Sears? Really? WOW". The black and white half split tee was my favourite and is indeed a future purchase.
Picture 9- Katrina wasn't the only one who paid homage to the Wang Braid. Inside the tents, there was an area sponsored by Loreal where, if you had the time, you could get your hair done. Clearly, we aren't as important as others and had lots of time to kill so I asked the girl to either "put it half up or do a side braid/ponytail". She did a side fishtail instead and ever since she did, I have been you tubing videos on how to re-create this. Love.
Picture 10- We later went over to the "Shadowplay" party at Carte Blanche where local designers and artists came together to display their work in picture form all over the store's space. 90's music and Amsterdamn beer made the evening even better than it already was.
Picture 11- This picture is of Speech's new photoshoot/collection. It's dark and twisted and it makes me feel like rebelling. Other shots coming soon.
Picture 12- Me and Randi, from TheKatieGirls
Picture 13/14- The basement of Carte Blanche is like treasure chest of inspirational goodies. If I didn't look like a creep I would have snapped more. If you are in the Toronto area, this store is a must. And while your at it, try to sneak into the basement. It's worth it.


Skirt: Bebe, Shirt: BCBG, Jacket: Zara, Bag: Marc by Marc, Bracelets: Forever 21 (left) and Speech (right). Jason Meyer images-via

If Jason Meyer has a middle name, it would be ruffle.
They were everywhere...and he did them well.

Using a soft palette of pastels, he created flirty dress numbers, slick cigarette pants and the fairest baby blue boyfriend blazer-my favourite.

Although there were a few mishaps, I thought the collection was comparable to a delicate flower that just started to bloom.

Another thing blossoming is LGFW. Although, let's get serious, Toronto Fashion Week will never be New York or Paris-it still had its sparkle and I'm glad I am experiencing it.

do you dare?

Fashion week here in Toronto has officially begun.

Although I am excited to attend a few shows (and of course share some pictures with all of you), I am most excited for the Dare to Wear Love event, which is the closing show of the week.

Yes there are more than 20 designers coming together to showcase designs made with fabrics sourced in Africa...but what makes it extremely that it is a show dedicated to raise awareness and funds to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation was founded to get funds directly into the hands of tremendously effective community-based projects working determinedly to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

Above are sketches sketches from designers (top to bottom) Pat McDonagh, Comrags and Hoax Couture. I can't wait to see the sketches come to live on Friday and of course be part of a great cause.

If you would like to donate to an amazing cause go to Dare to Wear Love.

oh where it starts it ends

Lace Shrug: Market in Italy, Tshirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Habitual Shoes: Zara, Rings: Forever 21 and Kenneth Cole Purse: Marc Jacobs

You know the pair of pants that you own that always make you feel good--the ones that you can count on when all else fails....well these black ones are mine.
Even if I am having one of those 'i feel fat' days (we all have them), I put them on and I suddently don't feel that way anymore. Magical pants I tell you.

Stayed in all weekend in an attempt to save some money for some things I have coming up. Also attempted to detoxt...but several glasses of red wine later and well, 1 out 2 ain't so bad. Right?

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i can feel it in my bones

Jeans: Express Shoes: Michael Kors, Blazer: Primark Scarf: Topshop Necklace: Vatican in Rome Gloves: Danier Shirt: Iro

Winter is in the air in the north--starting up your car before driving is necessary, darkness is settling in before leaving work at 530pm and open toe shoes are becoming less doable. I hate this.

These pictures were taken last week after work.....and now wearing just a blazer is not an option. Oh how fast things can change.

I got this blazer at Primark in the UK. It's only the best store there! A while back I tried on a similar one from Zara (it grey, cotton/fleece material and the shoulders were emphasized) but it did not fit me well and although I loved the look of wasn't meant to be. This one, however, seems to be a much better fit.

the apple of my eye

Skirt: Topshop Sweater: Winners Shirt: Zara Shoes: Steve Madden Ring: Speech Scarf: ??

Every Thanksgiving...ever since I was born, my entire family heads to the orchard to go applepicking. Although the location of the farm has changed a few times...the traditions have not. We meet at one of the picnic tables and chat over hot chocolate/coffee and apple pie/butter tarts or cookies (i picked butter tarts this year). The orchard is always so beautiful so I figured I would take some shots there.

I just got this skirt from Topshop. My mom and dad recently went to London and my mom brought me back this lovely skirt. She has some good taste...I must say. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. hahaha;) Kidding of course.

Not only do I love the skirt, but this outfit is comprised of some of my very favourite pieces. The top from Zara is the coziest t-shirt I own and I kick myself for not buying a few of them in every colour. I also have owned this sweater for years and just love the way it falls.

Since it is thanksgiving up here in Canada...I will say that I am thankful for favourite wardrobe pieces like these! Annnd of course for my amazing family,friends and health.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.