Skirt: Bebe, Shirt: BCBG, Jacket: Zara, Bag: Marc by Marc, Bracelets: Forever 21 (left) and Speech (right). Jason Meyer images-via sweetspot.ca/fashionmagazine.com

If Jason Meyer has a middle name, it would be ruffle.
They were everywhere...and he did them well.

Using a soft palette of pastels, he created flirty dress numbers, slick cigarette pants and the fairest baby blue boyfriend blazer-my favourite.

Although there were a few mishaps, I thought the collection was comparable to a delicate flower that just started to bloom.

Another thing blossoming is LGFW. Although, let's get serious, Toronto Fashion Week will never be New York or Paris-it still had its sparkle and I'm glad I am experiencing it.


stilettolover91 said...

You look gorgeous!!! I love your outfit, especially the skirt!!


Lauren said...

LOVE the skirt - i saw it on le blog de betty as well, you keep extremely stylish company!



Luuuurve the skirt!

jeannie said...

how cool!! I love the frills on your skirt!

Lilee said...

great outfit! the skirt is my favorite!

Sweety P said...

I adore your skirt! So flirty and fun!

Anonymous said...

cool skirt, you look great!

Taylor Sterling said...

looks fun! Great outfit!!

Sher said...

fab skirt!!

Kathy said...

Love the skirt, it's amazing!

Ashleigh said...

awesome shots....I missed this show but will be back today for a few shows...so hopefully we will run into each other :P

Hope your week has been awesome!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Fantastic outfit! I love the feathered skirt paired with the sexy tights! From what I can see on the runway, these outfits are simple yet chic, which is probably the best way to go (you can go so very wrong when it comes to ruffles). Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Dylana said...

I love your skirt!


Katya said...

Nice photos!

haute.teapot said...

Love the tights and the skirt!

patryszja said...

wow, your skirt is amazing! <3


JuanjoRengel said...

BEAUTIFILL... You'r every day BEAUTIFULL!!! jaja

Taryn said...

Looks like incredible fun :) the skirt and tights combo/textures is brilliant

Anonymous said...

this look is FLAWLESS
loveeeeee the feather skirt, so flawless
thanks for sharing, gorgeous inspiration
keep up the blog, i love it

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S t y l i s s i m o said...

Thank u very much.. so sweet of you to say... and btw ... you look hot..

miss bicyclette said...

Your skirt is FANTASTIC! I love me some feathers and this is so perfect.
Well put together!

Clara said...

wow! your photos are wonderful. I really enjoyed your blog.

APrettyProblem said...

thanks for stopping by my blog

u got to go to toronto fashion lucky girl.


Fashion Monstre said...

love! this outfit
& your blog is way too cute

Emilie Delance said...

love the outfit! U look so cute :D


la petite fashionista said...

that skirt looks so fashion forward, loove your outfit! & though its no NY or Paris, it looks like a fun fashion filled time!:)

O'Style said...

Great look girl!


Anonymous said...

Great skirt! Great outfit! Great girl!


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Valencia Lia said...

Fashion shows are always such a joy to watch ! So cool you got to attend and meet so many amazing people :)

I love love your accessories and your fringe skirt too <3 <3 just so beautiful !

Milk. said...

I love your skirt ! :) xx

Nica said...

uhhh i love your hair!
and your skirt is so adorable. wanna buy this too ;)
kisses from germany