warmth of the sand

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri- Quick Sand

Found this lovely nude shade at Walmart today. I love that it has the smallest amount of sparkle throughout.

Nothing like a fresh ( and new!) coat of nail polish to start off your week...


I've been waiting to buy a new black bag for quite some time. I was eyeing the Alexander Wang Diego bag for as long as I can remember so I decided when I went to Hong Kong that I would finally make the purchase there. Since I have been to Hong Kong before I knew that it's the kind of city where there is every kind of store and designer imaginable so I clearly thought I would have no issue getting the Deigo bag there. So wrong.

I walked into Lane Crawford (department store similar to Barney's or Holt's) and was so excited to make my purchase

"Do you have the Wang Diego bag in black?"-me
*Crickets/Ackward Silence*
"That bag is last season. We do not carry last season"-sales associate

The girl actually looked at me as if I had 3 heads. Like, what kind of question is that? And not even in a snobby way...more in a "i'm confused that your asking this" kind of way.

Anyways, when I got home and did some thinking, i realized that Hong Kong not having the bag was kind of meant to be. Not that I don't still love it..because I do ( and I will accept Diego donations if anyone is willing), but I decided to get a bag that was a little more classic.

Hello Mulberry Over-Sized Alexa bag. Goodbye hole-y, broken BCBG bag.

must be the way you see the world

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c'est girl so chic,marisa mercanti

Magical. If i could sum up Bali in one word, it would be just that. and that's hard to do with an island that has so many personalities.

The many faces of Bali are seen everyday. The day begins with rain. An hour later the sun is out-bright and strong. Your at a temple. You are stuck in obscene traffic. Your driver, who is from a village and has never left Bali, is as happy as they come and gives off the warmest vibes. Your in the jungle. Your by the beach. Your sitting with monkeys. Children are laughing. Children are working. You are in a surf town. Your in a hut. Your in a trendy restaurant. Your eating a meal for $2. You see a beautiful pink flower in the middle of the greenest rice fields. Your on an elephant. You see a family of 4 on a scooter. You see flowers and religious offerings infront of each business and home. You see smiles. It rains again. The sun peaks through. Pink, Blue and Purple hues warm the sky. You see smiles.

There was so much going on each day that it was hard to wrap my head around some of the things I was seeing, feeling, and learning. But at the end of each day..for the entire time I was there, my end thought of the day was that this place is absolutely magical.

orient automatic watch giveaway


Since I just got back from the Orient, I figured it was fitting to have a giveaway for an Orient watch! Although this watch doesn't necessary make me think "Asia", it makes me think of a few other things and they are---perfect and timeless..a piece that will never go out of style.

And you can win one!

And not just the one in the picture. You can win any watch from their standard collection and there are a whole array of coloured backgrounds-not just khaki. The khaki one just happens to be my favourite. They also have a few cute other ones like this one-CEVAD001B and this one- CEX0R001B ..although these ones aren't up for grabs!

You can win by commenting with your email address in the comment section below. Like every other contest..extra points given for tweeting or facebooking about this post. Also it is only open to US residents.

Contest ends January 30th 2011 ( eek still not used to typing that!)

Good Luck!

dreams in colours

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Flowers in your hair are good at any time but being on a beach, on an island, and in the sun make it even more enjoyable to wear.

I got this beautiful headpiece as a Christmas gift. The headpiece is by Canadian designer, Lara Vincent. All of her pieces make me want to run free, believe in make believe and daydream...check out her website and you will likely start feeling that way too.

All of the headpieces are handcrafted, made of suede and silk material...and lots of talent.

The only downfall is that you cannot wear these headpieces around monkeys. I know..what a bummer, right? If you happen to be around a monkey wearing one of her headpieces ( I was), they may mistaken it for a banana and try to snatch it from you ( they did).

Ohh Bali.

joy in joyce


Special things happened in Hong Kong and one of them was being able to see the Joyce 40th anniversary exhibition "A Journey in Fashion" which is being shown in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris.

The exhibition featured designs from Rick Owens, YSL, Proenza Schouler...to name a few. Each designer picked a piece to showcase and most of the pieces were from the first collection each of them sold to Joyce (iconic department store in Hong Kong-basically first store to bring luxury brands to Hong Kong). Some of the pieces shown were from collections as early as the 80's-hello amazing!

I had to pinch myself at one point because there were certain pieces that I just couldn't believe I was looking at in person (leather pants by Karl Lagerfeld from 1984!). Also couldn't believe all the stylish Asians also at the exhibit...or just in the streets of Hong Kong in general. Their style is just so different than anything you see on North American turf. I slowly developed a staring problem by the end of my time in the amazing city that is Hong Kong. I love that city beyond words. I also loved the exhibit beyond words too.