i change shapes just to head in this place

Dress: French Connection Shoes: Christian Louboutin Necklace: Mom's Rings: Mom's & Tiffany's

I was never into online shopping....until recently that is. Now I can't stop.
The daily emails from sites like haute look and gilt groupe make it really difficult to NOT open...to NOT click purchase...to NOT have willpower. Oy.
Some of the deals are insanely fantastic and this french connection dress was one of them ( the shipping did kill the deal a bit tho). I recommend everyone checking the sites out if you haven't already!

Went out to see Craig Kielburger speak last night and it was a very touching night. I mean.. a few glasses of wine may have made me tear up more normally than usual as well but nonetheless, Craig is a very inspiring young guy.

He really touched on the fact that even though we are only one person we CAN make a difference in the world. My favourite line was to do "small things with great love". It's so true.

Lovely night.


B a la Moda said...

It is a super cute dress. I love online shopping too!

B* a la Moda

myedit said...

I love that you admit that the wine may have aided in your tearing up. His message is so true though.
I am a little crazy over this dress...so pretty! Do you ever go to Vaughn? their FC has a sample rack which is cheap and has great stuff, some of the things don't go into production so I think it's cool to have that one of a kind thing...

Laura Gerencser said...

Cute dress!

'Lee said...

Love the dress, very cute and it reminds me of Luella's collection with the florals and dynamic designs.
I also love the Louboutins and the grey nail polish.

Theory of a fashion victim

stilettolover91 said...

I loveeee your dress & Louboutins!! You look very pretty!!


kris said...

love the dress & love the nail color-- what is it? i've been hunting for a nice grey for over a month now!

A.Co said...

Great dress.

Like the pic with your shoe collection.

A.Co @ www.acoest1984.blogspot.com

Carol said...

Love the dress and the shoes, I want them!!
You´re so cute!!!

Lore. said...

love that dress!
check out my blog: http://loresfashion.blogspot.com

Monica said...

I love the dress. Glad to see another Torontonian blogger:)

la petite fashionista said...

i've been on an online shopping kick too! that dress is seriously made for you-- so fabulous :)

Jay said...

oh.my.gossh. That dress is gorgeous! :) Love how you styled it too, super chic! :)

veronica<3 said...

Love your whole outfit!
I remember watching him speak in elementary <3 very inspiring.
Gorgeous post xoxoxo

Lola Re said...

Gilt Group and Haute Look huh? Going now.... !

Lola Re

Poisonn Amour said...

love your outfit! especially those shoes :) and that nail polish color is so so nice.

Anonymous said...

you look amazing in that FC dress. thanks for the online shopping reccoms. its so addictive hey

Couture said...

Gorgeous dress!!


Shoelosophy said...

your shoe closet is AWESOME!!!


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