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I don't think you can see this bracelet under the variety of bangles so I thought I should show an upclose shot. My friend Laura gave it to me. She works at a nursing home and one of the patients let her rumage through their old jewelry. OMG goldmine! She says it happens quite often....

Things look calm and normal in these pics, no? Well that's because they were....however, my life on this Monday was anything BUT calm and normal.

Here is my story:
It begins with my enemy....my dark natural roots. Somebody who was going blind would be able to point out these babies. Normally I would wear a few headbands and deal with it until my appointment but a last minute trip has come up which I leave for on Thursday and well, I just couldn't imagine me on a trip with my number 1 enemy.

Unable to get a hair appointment, I pulled the most idiotic move I've ever known (well maybe not but i'm tramatized and allowed to be dramatic). I bought a box of hair dye from Shopper's and decided to give myself home-made highlights. Yeah...I know. What am I..12?

The Results? Rainbrow Brite meets a yellow/orange/blonde tie-dye shirt.
It has been a long 48 hours but thankfully, my mom's hairdresser is fixing it tomorrow morning as a favour. THERE IS A GOD!

Outfit in happier times:
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Shirt: Forever 21 (recent purchase which i am sooo happy about. it feels *somewhat* like a James Perse)
Shoes: Michael Kors
Belt: gift from my mom when she went to Italy


Anonymous said...

amazing outfit! LOVE ur shoes! they're gorgeous <3! ^^

Work With What You've Got said...

I did highlights myself for years with great results and then BAM one fateful time, it went all wrong. I called into work and explained that I could not come in due to a hair emergency. I went to the nearest Toni and Guy. It cost me over $200.00, 5 hours and I had to go blond to correct what I had done.

So I feel you girl!~ It’s not fun.

little j said...

awaiting your vegas blogs, and a 3 hr convo (amt of hrs now escalated since u are going on another trip) when u are back.

MARISA said...

thanks! surprisingly the shoes are the most comfortable pair i own..

and omg...i know.. it's so much time, money and humiliation. Some of my friends use box dye and it turns out amazing but I think with blonde color...you have to be insanely careful and good at it. And well...i am not gifted in the beauty skills department. you should see my attempt at eye shawdow...EEK

little j...i was thinking 4 hours?

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Such a swoon-worthy outfit.. I LOVE your bracelet! :)

Annie said...

ooooh, anything that feels like a James Perse tee is so groovy with me. his shirts are just godly. also, you were a teen vogue intern?! that's honestly so cool.

Annie Spandex said...

I would live in that t-shirt :)

Diana said...

I love this outfit. It's got the perfect mix of tough and soft elements, and I love how you paired those shoes with the capris.

Katya said...