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Dress: Jacob, Sweater: From Winner's, Boots: Steve Madden,
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I go in spurts where I wear a lot of black. I am currently in one of them. The last few days a lot of my outfits have been black. Perhaps I am subconsciously mourning the end of my vacation? Who knows. What I do know is that I am in love with this ring.
This ring was another DIY project. This lovely piece broke off a necklace. I couldn't find an appropriate chain to put it back onto so it kind of just sat in my drawer for a while. After realizing my ring collection was kind of lacking, I thought this piece would look stunning on one of my fingers.
I used Crafter's Pick glue again and got to work. I used a regular old silver ring that I had in my jewelry box and teared some cotton to give the ring some padding and support against the big piece( there is clearly a better way i'm sure but desperate times...desperate measures lol).


Work With What You've Got said...

The ring looks great! Well done.

Heini said...

I love the ring as well !

MARISA said...

Thank you:)!

Kat said...

Love the 3rd photo of you!

Anonymous said...

cool sweater!

ED said...

I love how you wear the boots with the black socks. Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

You should tell us what nail polish you are wearing in each outfit post. Please!? This one is gorgeous! I want!