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I have been drained since Vegas. You seriously need a vacation from a vegas vacation because it really is the complete opposite of relaxing. Worth it though....although these pics show how tired I truly am. And so does this post

Will do a better one this weekend!

Skirt: H&M
Blouse: Generra
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Tahari



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Sang said...

nice photos!
totally tempted by the h&m skirt.
looks gorgeous on you:]

@apetrigs said...

OMG, tell me about it! All I've wanted to do is sleep since I've been back. There should be a dedicated 'vacation destination' for post-Vegas trips!

Shin said...

I adore your shirt!! Such a great color! Have an amzing weekend! xxoxoxo

MARISA said...

haha i'm glad you understand the post-vegas struggle. haha there should be a package that brings vegas people to like cabo for 2 days to rest.

thanks sang and shin:)

shin..hope you liked the mention of your blog on here and hope you had a great weekend too haha!

Marceluohm said...

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