domani, domani

I didn't think it was possible for a 7 year old to be more cool than me but apparently it is. We spotted this little girl in the market in Sorrento and the Scott Schuman in me came out.
I couldn't resist taking her picture..
"She picks most of her outfits on her own....minus the bag! That was a christmas gift" said her mother. Ummm, an LV bag at the age of 7. Are you adopting? .
I really like the look of this chest as a bedroom piece. It was in the room that I stayed in while in Sicily.
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Jean Shorts: Old guess jeans that I cut, Belt: Vintage, Grey shirt: H&M, Vest: Forever 21
As our vacation in Italy came to an end...we divided up the last few days evenly. Beach. Shopping. Beach. Sight-seeing. Beacccch.
The above is some snaps from my last day in Palermo, Sicily. The fountain and park was the most exciting thing we came across in the city...and the most refreshing and unlike the Trevi Fountain, was ticket free.
I am going to miss Italy but I am ready to free myself from 24/7 carb eating.

At least for a few days.

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