{Classic Bus rides}
                                                                  {Bat and Monkey Caves}
{Petrona Towers}

                                                             {Our 5 year old Tour Guide}
{Perenthian Islands}
{Climbing a mountain in Borneo}

Malaysia was the beginning of the first big epic trip that I took. Not only was this my first taste of Asia, it was also my first (and last! ha) time backpacking. I didn't hate backpacking but I felt it was a one time thing, you know? 

I will never forget being scared shit less boarding the plane-  knowing I was flying across the world to a place that was so very different than anything I have ever experienced. I am so thankful I put my fear aside and made the leap. They say "Once you travel, the voyage never ends" and this was the trip that ignited my passion for travelling. I definitely traveled before this trip but kept it safe and close- Caribbean, NYC, California...not to a country where there were squat toilets, soda in bags and monkeys that roamed freely. I was constantly in awe of the things around me. 

We landed in Kuala Lampur which turned out to be a MODERN city and an amazing transition into my journey. There were Coffee Beans AND Topshops..REALLY! I was floored. We saw the Petrona Towers, explored the local markets and then made our way through various small towns until we reached the north of the country.  From there we went to the Perenthian Islands- an idyllic piece of land that made me want to become a full time hippie. It wasn't real. We did nothing there but read and veg out. 

We ended our Malaysian journey in Borneo where we decided to climb a mountain. It was an aggressive two day trek that I definitely didn't finish. After a day and a half, I threw in the towel and decided that I won't be climbing Kilimanjaro anytime soon. 

I can't wait to go back to this beautiful country one day! 

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