24 hour champagne diet

“A long time ago, I immersed myself in Miami. I have yet to come up for air” – Avner Zabari, Furniture Designer

I don't think he could have nailed it more. Over the holidays, I went to south beach. I'm surprised I made it out alive. Or with any sort of money.

We filled up our days with poolside drinks and food, people watching, star-gazing, cabanas, heavy duty games of "is that her boyfriend or dad", ed hardy counts, and relaxation. We filled up our nights with.... well the same...minus the relaxation. We had an obscene amount of fun and I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.

The above is a random sum up of my trip....

turf wars

Dress: Rodarte for Target, Shoes: Bakers, Jacket: from italy, Necklace: Gifted

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well if thats the case...so is this dress.

On one of the colder days while on vacation in Florida, my family and I ventured into Target hoping to find left over Rodarte pieces. I was looking for the dress in my pictures (yes..i'm giving away the happy ending), my brother was looking for the leopard bow backed dress......for his girlfriend.

Like dogs sniffing for drugs, we ran through the aisles anxious to find what we were looking for. I was beginning to feel let down when all of a sudden I saw my brother carrying my dress! The one dress that was left! yes yes yes!


"Well i can't find the leopard dress so I think i'll just get this one for her" he says....casually...as if I would be cool with it.

A few words were exchanged and I begin to excessively pout/rage, whatever you would like to call it.....until I saw the leopard bow back dress hidden behind a rack. I grabbed it faster than you could say boo, dangled it over my shoulder and strutted to the changeroom.....making sure my brother could see me perfectly. I actually had no intention to buy it but...duty calls.

I tried it on and pretended I was going to get it for a solid half hour....until he began to pace in circles around me.

It's all fun and games.... until Rodarte is involved.

midnight kiss

Brand: ZOYA Name: KOTURI

I wore this colour excessively over the holidays. When I looked at my hands, thoughts of winter wonderland, blue ice, snow and sparkle dust came to my mind. Can you guess how many times I dressed up as a fairy princess when I was little? haha.

I just love the shade of blue...not too dark, not too light....and i love how it has the perfect amount of glitter. Although I got a few odd looks from my traditional italian relatives, I felt it was fitting for the festive season. And a few weeks after.

it's been a while

Top: Banana Republic, Skirt: Wilfred Aritzia, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Necklace: Mom's from the 80's, Tights: Claire's, Ring: Gift
Do you guys remember me? Its me Marisa...also known as the world's shittiest blogger. ha!

Somewhere in the midst of holiday season and parties, a 40 hour work week, a vacation, work out attempts and well.......just being lazy...i neglected my blog. A month and 1 week to be exact....shame, shame..double shame!

I contemplated not updating anymore and converting to my pre-blog status of stalking other peoples blogs, but I decided that it's better to update once in a while....then giving it up all together.

There was an article I read lately about how we are so connected...we have facebook,messenger, twitter, blogs...not so much to engage with eachother rather to prove how amazing our lives are. I mean you must be "cool" if you have over 800 "friends" on facebook, right? And although i agree with the article on some level...I feel my blog is not to show off what clothes I have but more of a diary....a way to look back on what I did, to express myself, to inspire....and since it is a fashion blog, an excuse to buy more clothes. And if I didn't keep it up....well, my 20 something memory can only take me so far.

Even if my posts are sparse and in between....I hope somewhere in this crazy thing called life...I can find the time to keep this up.

Here's to a new year with new goals!