turf wars

Dress: Rodarte for Target, Shoes: Bakers, Jacket: from italy, Necklace: Gifted

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well if thats the case...so is this dress.

On one of the colder days while on vacation in Florida, my family and I ventured into Target hoping to find left over Rodarte pieces. I was looking for the dress in my pictures (yes..i'm giving away the happy ending), my brother was looking for the leopard bow backed dress......for his girlfriend.

Like dogs sniffing for drugs, we ran through the aisles anxious to find what we were looking for. I was beginning to feel let down when all of a sudden I saw my brother carrying my dress! The one dress that was left! yes yes yes!


"Well i can't find the leopard dress so I think i'll just get this one for her" he says....casually...as if I would be cool with it.

A few words were exchanged and I begin to excessively pout/rage, whatever you would like to call it.....until I saw the leopard bow back dress hidden behind a rack. I grabbed it faster than you could say boo, dangled it over my shoulder and strutted to the changeroom.....making sure my brother could see me perfectly. I actually had no intention to buy it but...duty calls.

I tried it on and pretended I was going to get it for a solid half hour....until he began to pace in circles around me.

It's all fun and games.... until Rodarte is involved.


Aimy said...

I love that dress! I got it in yellow but I haven't worn it yet because it's so cold out =/

myedit said...

Ha. Way to make him sweat! this dress looks dynamite on you... so pretty in this nude colour.

Christen said...

That last quote made me laugh out loud. SO glad that you finally got your dress :)

Anonymous said...

what a great story love the mind games haha. that dress is to die for!!

Nica said...

the dress is so amazing ♥

love your outfit!

Amela. said...

The dress is awesome!

With love,

Carina said...

Your brother must have some good taste!!! And you look adorable in that dress. yum

lisahannam said...

the details are amazing. So pretty.

libys11 said...

too adorable and such a romantic look!!!!! gotta love rodarte! :D

Erin said...

wow i love that dress. it pairs so well with the rest of your outfit! lucky find!

i head that heidi was planning on getting 'H' sized breasts....H for heidi....seriously. dear god

Elina said...

Really lovely dress :)


Anonymous said...

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S. Kahlon said...

Girl, that dress looks guhreat on you.

Mamie Canem said...

I wish we had Rodarte here, but we don't so... I'll have to look at other's dress for a YEAR (at least...)

Thanks for your comment, my collection of stupid skirts is getting bigger and bigger...!

See you soon,


Sammi said...

Oh my gosh, I know! I saw that dress in Target only once, but by the time I got my money from the car it was gone! I looked at every Target in the area, but never found it again. Glad you got one, though.

Anonymous said...

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the style spotter said...

loving that dress!


MOLLYKT said...

that dress is gorgeous!
i wish we had target in england, grrr.

little j said...

love that dress, love this blog, love you! xxx

prashant said...

SO glad that you finally got your dress

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Jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica said...

sooo pretty and delicate! you look like a ballerina! :)

nofaith said...

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