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Cheeky Monkey-Get Wet

I found a colour like this when I was travelling through Malaysia a few years ago. Yes, Malaysia. So random. I picked up a bottle for about 80 cent (oh how i love the prices of the east)..and as soon as it started to get clumpy I regretted not buying a whole bunch when I was there. I started seeing this colour creep onto a few blogs but couldnt seem to find it. Then...out of nowhere..I was at a tradeshow for work..when along came this bottle right before my eyes.

It's by Cheeky Monkey...a fairly new brand on the market. Each bottle has a very distictive name ( kind of like OPI) and each bottle (if you go on the website) comes with a drink recipe (oh yes).
The packaging is right up my alley..the only downfall is that you must apply two coats at the bare min...the lacquer is very thin and if you don't want it to chip...I would suggest a top coat.

Either way..I'm just happy I am reunited with this shade again.


Becca Jane said...

This is a shade I've been looking for for ages! I'll have to try to track down this Cheeky Monkey

lisahannam said...

Nice shade. I saw Cheeky Monkey at a Joelle's event a few weeks ago. Where did you find it?

Gladstone Lawyers said...

Cute cute cute those colors..just cute..

Trendy Gourmandise said...

like it as well

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