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Lauren Conrad is known for many things....turning down an internship in Paris ( uhh Jason over Paris? Really?), feuds with Heidi Montag and dating hot boys like Brody Jenner but she is also known for something else completely unrelated to the Hills drama.....her nail polish choices. When she first started wearing black people started becoming fixated on her nails. Next it was purple. Then bright red.
And then recently, when she appeared on the Aftershow in Toronto she had the most beautiful color of teal painted on.
I went on a mission to try to find this color but nothing remotely came close. Word on the nail polish street was that it was a Nars Limited Edition color. Of course it was.
A little discouraged, I gave up on this teal search.
I guess there is a reason they say "good things come to those who wait" because on Friday I went into Sephora and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this beautiful teal color on the top shelf. Mine looks like it has a bit more blue in it...but it's closest teal I have seen to Lauren's yet.

"We just got it in today! So hot!" said the salesclerk.

Being the pathetic freak that I am, I put it on the minute I got home........even though I was getting a manicure the very next day.
Yes, I have a nail polish fetish and yes I do not care.


paige said...

ooh are you looking for a teal?! lauren was wearing a jade green when she was on that Aftershow (which i figured was the Nars Zulu) but the teal in that pic could be the same one Miley is wearing here:

MARISA said...

hahaha. omg i will never get this nailpolish colour eh. i obviously looked up the nars one but didnt think it looked like the one she was wearing. im content with settling with this one for now and will ignore the fact that it resembles mileys. lol.