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Boots: Cougar Boots

I suffer from S.A.D -seasonal affective disorder ( ok I haven't' actually been diagnosed but I am one step away from placing a bucket of sand in my room and a heat lamp to make me feel like summer is near). Due to this, I tend to be a TAD dramatic when I have to go outside in below 0 temperatures. Gloves, scarfs, and now my new Cougar boots help make the walk from my house to my car a little easier (relax-i also walk from my car into work for all those city people cursing me right now).

Anyways, I am especially glad I got these booties to keep me warm as my feet are always the coldest! They are super warm, cozy...and not to mention, safe-Heels, ice and snow are not a great mix.

If you live in a place where winter is around for more than 2 months, I'd highly suggest.

Thanks Cougar for sending them over!


Dylana Suarez said...

The boots are cute!


Maryn said...

nice boots for ice cold!! ;)

A.Co said...

JEALOUSSSSS! Those boots look UBER warm AND amazing for our cold Canadian winters! UGH!!! Ottawa is even COLDER than Toronto, so you're going to be lappin' up the warmth with those babies!!

And btw, I suffer from the EXACT SAME DISORDER. OMG. Whyyyy is summer so farrrrr!!?!?!?

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Larissa said...

amazing those boots must keep your feet nice and warm!