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Pink Cobra Fashion Film Summer 2011
(via the katie girls)

Toronto Fashion Week ( aka Toronto Fashion WEAK) may not be the best thing Toronto is known for..but thats not to say that there is not an obscene amount of talented designers in the city.

One of them being Tania Martins behind the line, Pink Cobra. I am obsessing over pretty much all of her pieces from her new Spring 2011 Collection (favourites include the high waisted leather shorts and the over sized turquoise blouse).......and I am even obsessing over the pieces I know I CAN"T wear (pastel pink cut out crop top).

Check out the video to see all the amazing pieces.


Grace said...

Kind of love it!

Love Grace.

VeggieGirl said...


veronicaa said...

OK I love this SO much
where can I find out more about this designer?
I am from Toronto too :)
XO Veronica

MARISA said...

hey can find some info here

Her stuff is also available at Carte Blance on Queen West!

gucci watches said...

these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

la mì said...

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Vicki said...

love some of the pieces feature din this clip! very cool x

Hannie said...

Thanks for sharing, I love it!
xoxo from Hannie

princeska said...

i soooo love it as well but where can i find it.... new obsession!!!!!!!!

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franca maisha said...

wow it surely is great!! everything! thanks for sharing :)



lovely video.
I like Toronto.

gucci uk said...

there has one word that i do wanna say: gorgeous