Here in the streets of American nights

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2nd photo-Jacket: Danier Leather, Shorts: Value Villiage t-shirt: Venice Beach Boardwalk, Boots: Steve Madden
4th photo-my friend. Top & Skirt: American Apparel.
6th & bottom photo- Blazer: Elizabeth & James, Shoes: Baker's, T-shirt: Blue notes, Socks: American Apparel, Bag: BCBG

Some snaps from my time in New York a few weeks ago.

I wish that...

1. New York was an hour drive away
2. Magnolia Cupcakes delivered.
3. Green card Visas were given away like hotcakes to Canadians that really wanted them
4. I could put the love I have for New York into words


A.Co said...

Magnolia Cupcakes!!! Are they as good as they look? I'll bet...


A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Gemma Wade said...

I adore the black puff skirt! It's gorgeous!


Lady Lipstick said...

Magnolia cupcakes are to die for! I am so jealous you got two!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww I'm glad you had such a lovely trip to NYC! Such a fab city!

I love your outfits. You look adorable and like a real New Yorker. ;) Your friend's outfit is also very pretty.

And those cupcakes?! Omg. I want one!

this free bird said...

loving the socks in the shoes and i feel for you on the greencard. i hang onto mine for dear life and sleep with it under my pillow. one of my most prized possessions! xo

Lizzy Webb said...

amen to love'n new york. i think i'm going to move there after i graduate school.
these pictures are awesome- very inspirational like... and they definitely capture new york.
the outfits.. adorable as usual. you look great!

Mariel said...

You are so cute! I haven't had the luxury of visiting NY yet but man does it sound fantastic. Especially if it's where I can find those divine cupcakes and totally bitchin' car.

PRINCESS said...

wow that car is awesome! Love your blog!!!

Yaary said...

im loving every single photo here! and your black bag is really cutee.
ohh thee caar is sooo amazing!

Yaary said...

im loving every single photo here! and your black bag is really cutee.
ohh thee caar is sooo amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures

Kara Marie said...

ahh im jealous..i haven been to the city in about 3 a jersey girl. i love your blog thoough going to follow :)

Fashion By He said...

love the pictures, you have great style, very cute

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