perfectly at peace so i move along a little bit higher

Jacket: Cole Hann Dress: Black Halo Shoes: Christian Louboutin Ring: Topshop Scarf: Market

I've wanted to take pictures outside for a while now because as much as I hate is quite pretty ( ask me this when I am standing outside in -20 air filling up my car tank and my view may be a tad different). I live in an area of the city which is a little secluded....where deer casually walk around on your front lawn...and sometimes also eat your vegetables in your garden in the summer but that is a whole other issue.

Needless to say...I took pictures outside..... but only made it 3 feet outside my house and not to any of the other locations I pass that have me in awe. Soon I hope..

Also, Nokia UK was generous enough to send me the new Nokia Nseries to use for a bit and test out. Being a tech junkie, I happily obliged. Ever since, I have felt like i am right off the set of 'Gossip girl....for some reason this phone reminds me of the show. I love how you can flip the screen up and there lies a mini keyboard. Feels like my laptop and phone in one. If i wasn't already in a happy relationship with my blackberry, I would probably just keep it. Sexy little gadget...


stilettolover91 said...

You look great!!! I love your boots!!

Erica Leigh said...

nice phone! lol, maybe it seems like a "gossip girl" phone because they're always texting? ;]

loooove your outfit! the boots are delicious. <3

Anonymous said...

love this look i cant imagine it being that cold gosh!!! love that phone to!

Victoire said...

you like look a super professional PR or agent :) love the look! and i want that phone haha.

and the shooooes! :)


オテモヤン said...


Amela. said...

Well, your not the only one that hate's winter.
Love your outfit by the way.

With love,

lisahannam said...

cute dress! I'm in love with the ruffled neckline.

Christen said...

Love your ring!

prashant said...

love that phone to!

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SogniSorrisi said...

Love your boots and ring!

Aimy said...

That Topshop ring is so dope.

SophieGrace said...

Your boots=amazing!

SophieGrace said...
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Jessica said...

i love your ring it looks so pretty!

a bit mischievous said...

you look always sooooo great! i love your style... and your cell phone :D

veronica<3 said...

gorgeous outfit.
love your accessories and your SHOES, i'm here in canada too so i feel your pain. layers = love!

xo Veronica

nofaith said...

the phone is great.. white dress? soooo nice.. i adore the curl of your hair.. check this site

Ludivine said...

the boots are amazing! im so jealous :)


Angie said...

love this outfit!

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