Overall Dress: Thu- Thu, Shoes: Forever 21, Long Sleeve top: Joe Fresh

Pretty much obsessed with these leather overalls that were designed by my good friend Thuy! She is so insanely talented and I couldnt be more estatic when she arrived from London with a suitcase filled with all of her new stuff. Hosting her was ridiculousy fun but getting to wear all of her designs...just an amazing bonus. I'm sure you will see some more of her stuff on her in the next little bit

You will also see a new blog look on here! My new site will be launched on Monday and I couldn't be more excited. I always like making changes in the fall so it's a perfect time for this to happen. Can't wait to share!


Last Halloween was not only my favourite Halloween of all time but it was also my favourite NIGHT of all time. I had SOOO much fun that everytime I think about the night I could honestly cry. 

My friend and I decided to be the "Sun and the Moon" and definitely got into character. We began our night in the moonlight at the Hollwood Forever Cemerty ( which as creepy as it sounds is one of my favourite places in LA) and ended our night as the sun was coming up. 

The bash was hosted by Adam Levine and included open bar, Patron Toss, In N Out Food trucks (you know where I was at 3AM), Tom Yorke DJ'ing, bumper cars, photobooths and an obscene amount of celebrities to lurk on. 

We made our costumes a few weeks before and got all out of items from Santee Alley ( a cheap market in downtown LA!). I made my headband out of styrofoam pieces, painted them gold and glue-gunned it to my metal band.

I am very excited about Halloween again this year, even though I know it won't compare! Ugh.

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