cold plasma

Top: Topshop, Dress: Jacob Socks: H&M

Who likes free stuff? I know I do...

Perricone skin products would like to give one of my readers a free product ( Cold Plasma to be exact).

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shake it like a ladder to the sun

Shorts: Old guess jeans Blouse: zara cardigan: Zara Necklace: Speech, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Scarf: Topshop, Sunnies: Forever 21
When Zara brought out these cardigans in 2008...I bought one in grey, black and beige. When I find basics that I love....I stalk up. The only thing I regret is actually not buying duplicates of each. Ok fine..that is a little extreme but my black one is getting bally and that means I'm getting pissed.
It was a gorgeous day I thought I would take advantage of it and i'm glad I did. Today we got over 12 inches of snow. Joy.

ate my heart

Dress: French Connection Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I've spent months looking for a sequin beaded dress for my new years eve night (way back in December-i know). I had my eyes on the Twenty8Twelve green sequin dress that Sienna Miller wore to the MTV awards and was determined to get it. I called everywhere until I eventually contacted their PR company.

"Oh-it's actually not sequin---it's stavrovski crystals"

In other words...this meant that unless I wanted to take out a serious loan and live off canned soup for the next 15 years, I would never see the dress.

I ended up getting over the dress and found this cute sequin number from French Connection. It was originally a little longer but give this girl some glue and she can do wonders ( no seriously-i bought super glue at my hotel and went bonkers). It was also 50% off which made it all the more appealing.

WIsh I got better pictures but new years eve drinks plus seeing lady gaga make it very difficult to concentrate


when i put on this colour...i immediately felt like i was wearing Dorothy's red sparkly pumps on my nails. the pictures actually make the shade look more red than it was...regardless, it was very fitting for valentine's day. thank you China Glaze for this stunning festive colour.
la la la love.

there is a light that never goes out

top: forever 21, skirt: forever 21 ring: gift

I will not shop. I will not shop. I will not shop.
A little FYI to those of you who believe in does not work.

I had to drop off my parents at the airport in Buffalo ( an hour from where I live-US terrority though). Somewhere between the airport and heading back to the border to cross back into Canada, I found myself in Target. You know rage blackouts? Well apparently there are shopping black outs as well. I veered off the highway and the last thing I remember is asking the sales person if they had any Rodarte pieces left. Second time in a month. Seriously Target, can you just come to Canada so this madeness will end?

From Target, I stopped at forever 21 and found the top Im wearing and knock off Marc Jacob shades that I have been eyeing for ages. Sorry Marc-but unless you want to wire me $300...I have to succumb to the knock offs buddy!

Was real satisfied with this top as well. I normally never purchase anything that is made in Viscose/Spandex but I couldnt disqualify a top with shoulder detailing as fun as this. Basically on Friday night, I spent a good portion of my night doing dance moves that resembled a mexican salsa dancer.

At least something good came out of it


images via :vanillascented & opening ceremony
alexander wang shorts, acne shoes, alexander wang sunnies

perfectly at peace so i move along a little bit higher

Jacket: Cole Hann Dress: Black Halo Shoes: Christian Louboutin Ring: Topshop Scarf: Market

I've wanted to take pictures outside for a while now because as much as I hate is quite pretty ( ask me this when I am standing outside in -20 air filling up my car tank and my view may be a tad different). I live in an area of the city which is a little secluded....where deer casually walk around on your front lawn...and sometimes also eat your vegetables in your garden in the summer but that is a whole other issue.

Needless to say...I took pictures outside..... but only made it 3 feet outside my house and not to any of the other locations I pass that have me in awe. Soon I hope..

Also, Nokia UK was generous enough to send me the new Nokia Nseries to use for a bit and test out. Being a tech junkie, I happily obliged. Ever since, I have felt like i am right off the set of 'Gossip girl....for some reason this phone reminds me of the show. I love how you can flip the screen up and there lies a mini keyboard. Feels like my laptop and phone in one. If i wasn't already in a happy relationship with my blackberry, I would probably just keep it. Sexy little gadget...